Ravenna is a city of art near the coast: there are 9 seaside resorts along 35 kilometres of coast which offer a great variety of possibilities. The resorts of Ravenna blend into the beaches, pinewoods and marshes and offer the tourist and visitor an environment characterised by the hospitality of the hotels, campsites, houses and apartments, on wide beaches of fine sand, in pinewoods which were praised by Dante and Byron in their verses.
The organisation beach services is efficient and dynamic on the beaches of Ravenna where you can choose from a holiday of sun and relaxation, or sports and fitness activities on the beach; you can sample the food of a romantic restaurant by the sea, or ethnic cuisine or the traditional cooking of Romagna then go on to dance entertainment and the fun of "happy hour". In the resorts of Ravenna you can satisfy your passion for the sea thanks to the new tourist ports.


Punta Marina Spas

The Punta Marina Spas, situated in the small seside resort between Marina di Ravenna and Lido of Adriano, offer the possibility to enjoy beauty treatments along the Adriatic Coast, surrounded by the millenary pinewood forest of Ravenna and its lidos.

The aquifer containing sodium chloride, bromide, iodide, calcium and magnesium was discovered in 1991 and contains an high concentration of magnesium (470 mg/liter). This characteristic makes the thermal water of Punta Marina particulary efficient as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and immunostimulating.

The thermal water of Punta Marina is used to treat the osteoarticular, respiratory, otolaryngological and gynaecologic systems through inhalations or therapeutic baths in the wide swimming pools.

Beyond hydrotherapy, the Spas in Punta Marina also give the opportunity to undergo specialist examinations, orthopaedic rehabilitation, physiotherapy, massotherapy and beauty treatments. The pride of the Spas in Punta Marina, and a traditional tourist mecca for people flocking there, is the Beauty centre cherished by the spa establishment.

Cervia Spas

The welcoming spa establishment of Cervia is surrounded by a millenary pinewood forest and situated a short distance from the sandy beach and the Park of the salt-pan. Visit Cervia and its spas is the ideal way to relax and regenerate thanks to the exclusive treatments and techniques provided by the spa establishment. Thanks to the regenerating power of the waters containing sodium chloride, bromide and iodide and the mud from the salt-pan, hydrotherapy is an outstanding way to treat or prevent osteoarticular problems or respiratory disorders, to recover tone and vitality and to regenerate both body and mind.

The water containing sodium chloride, bromide and iodide can be employed for inhalations, gynaecologic treatments and beauty treatments. The mud baths have a rare chemical-biological composition due to the sedimentation of mineral salts and other substances. The lagoon mud, called "liman" is to be smeared on the skin at a temperature of 40 degrees and then dried in the sun in the comfortable solarium.

In the brand new department of physiokinesitherapy are modern equipments to undergo electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, laser- and ultrasound-based treatments. Here work the expert massagers of the Cervia Spas, who are able to provide lymphdraining treatments, water gymnastics, plantar reflexology and the innovative diathermy therapy, a non-invasive electrode-based treatment used to treat sprains, tendinitis and fractures.

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