Our offers

In the area of Ravanna’s leisure activities, “Ravenna Incoming” offers to create a contact between tourists who come to Ravenna to visit the city and the local tourist venues which offer their services to spend the days and the evenings in the city.
We offer an high quality service for the organization of your staying in restaurants, city tours by day and by night and guided tours (also by bicycle) of the other cities in our region or the regional parks, tickets to events, mosaic learning classes, wine tours in the regional area, cooking classes and much more.
All the services and venues which cooperate with us have been selected to offer a top quality service.
We are also able to organize the group’s transfer to/from hotel with minivan and pullman and to find the interpreter to follow the group during their visits in the city or during their evenings in case of request.

We conceive, plan and run special events such as shows, meetings, congresses, sport's events, exhibitions, promotions, private ceremonies and more over.

Ravenna Incoming offers an innovative, cool and dynamic service for translating your needs in great results.
Ravenna Incoming is passion, quality, confidence, personal communication and it is the winning move to obtain complete answers to your events.

Customer satisfaction is our goal.

Ravenna Incoming is active in the whole Ravenna area: we manage 10 tourist information offices during Summer and 3 for the rest of the year. Our operators in addition to give you information about our Region, can assist you for your hotel booking, Amusement parks tickets (with discount for preselling) and tickets for Theatre shows.

Here are our offices:

Iat Piazza Caduti - Piazza Caduti per la Libertà, 2 Ravenna
tel. +39 0544 482838 - fax +39 0544 597250 - skype: iatsalara.iatsalara
e-mail: iat@ravennareservation.it

Iat Teodorico - Via delle Industrie, 14 Ravenna
tel./fax +39 0544 451539 - skype: iat.teodorico
e-mail: iatteodorico@ravennareservation.it

Iat Classe - Via Romea Sud, 226 Classe (RA)
tel./fax +39 0544 473661 - skype: iat.classe1
e-mail: iataclasse@ravennareservation.it


UIT Marina Romea – V.le Ferrara, 7 Marina Romea (RA)
tel./fax +39 0544 448323 - skype: iatmarinaromea
e-mail: iatmarinaromea@ravennareservation.it

UIT Porto Corsini – Via Lamone, 18 Porto Corsini (RA)
tel./fax +390544 447688 - skype: uitportocorsini
e-mail: iatportocorsini@ravennareservation.it

UIT Marina di Ravenna – P.zzale Marinai d’Italia, 17 Marina di Ra (RA)
tel./fax +39 0544 531108 - skype: uitmarinadira
e-mail: iatmarinadiravenna@ravennareservation.it

UIT Punta Marina Terme – Via della Fontana, 2 Punta Marina Terme (RA)
tel./fax +39 0544 437312 - skype: i.a.t.punta.marina
e-mail: iatpuntamarina@ravennareservation.it

UIT Lido di Dante – V.le Catone, 10 Lido di Dante (RA)
tel./fax +39 0544 492106 - skype: uit.lido.di.dante
e-mail: iatlidodidante@ravennareservation.it

UIT Lido di Classe – V.le F.lli Vivaldi, 51 Lido di Classe (RA)
Tel./fax +39 0544 939278 - skype: uit.lido.di.classe
e-mail: iatlidodiclasse@ravennareservation.it

UIT Lido di Savio – V.le Romagna, 244 Lido di Savio (RA)
Tel./fax 0544 949063 - skype: uitlidodisavio
e-mail: iatlidodisavio@ravennareservation.it