Amusement parks

Mirabilandia is the biggest amusement park in the Romagna region and one of the most important of its kind in Italy and Europe.
The park is divided in many different areas, one of the most striking areas is Bimbopoli (Kids' Town), which is the biggest area in Italy (8,000square meters) with attractions for children aged between 3 and 10.
There are 40 attractions for everyone, and throughout the day performances and shows take place in green surroundings and among water features (3 lakes, 7 fountains, and 14 waterfalls).

Acquario CattolicaAcquario di Cattolica
Over 60 sharks belonging to 14 different species, from the large South-African greynurse sharks to Mediterranean small-spotted catsharks, common eagle rays, white-spotted guitarfish, blacktip reef sharks and the rare spiny dogfish.
The aquarium features 70 exhibition tanks hosting more than 3,000 specimens of 400 different species from seas all over the world. Further information and analysis comes from the video contributions on the evolution of marine life, the realistic 3D video on the marine food chain and the special monitoring room that shows what goes on behind the scenes. Our expert animators help to stimulate the public’s interest and they are always on hand to answer any questions or curiosities visitors may have.

Aquafan RiccioneAquafan
Remarkable water park of the Romagnan riviera, Aquafan, is always full of kinds and families looking for fun, joy and relief during the warm, summer days. The facility is divided into four theme areas: children's games, water games, relaxation and sport&fun, offering attractions suiting each taste. There are also two dancing and a services area, used for animating.

Oltremare RiccioneOltremare
Oltremare is a new theme park located on the hills of Riccione. A vast array of recreational paths let you to get in touch with nature, and the pairing of American innovation and Italian creativity have resulted in innovative architecture that is simply splendid.


Fiabilandia is one of the first amusement parks in Italy, opened back in 1965. It has been designed especially for children and it spreads over 150,000 m2. Its mascot is a funny monster called Babau (The Bogeyman).
Fiabilandia consists of 5 main themed areas: Middle Ages, The Orient, The Pirates' Bay, The Magical Village, and the Far West (the most characteristic area in the park). With each entrance ticket, entrance is free the next day.

Italia in miniatura

Italia in Miniatura
Italia in Miniatura is an amusement park with educational itineraries located in Rimini, in Viserba borough, inaugurated in 1970.This park is famous for its reproductions to scale of many Italian and European monuments. Recently, its has included attractions for children and families.At Italia in Miniatura, you can travel down the Grand Canal on a gondola, in a Venice that is big as a fifth of the original, or you can experience the laws of physics in the Science Funfair, be left breathless on the Canoe or the Sling Shot, or enjoy a breathtaking view of the park from the top of the Arcobaleno monorail.