Cappelletto, the king of Romagna table - FRESH PASTA WORKSHOP

Would you like to learn how to roll out the dough to make a fantastic homemade pasta dish yourself?
This workshop is for you!

The “sfogline”* of the Mercato Coperto, bearers of rolling pin and wisdom, will teach you how to prepare the real cappelletto romagnolo.

*The “sfoglina” (pasta maker) is historically seen as a middle-aged woman who, using a rolling pin and a pastry board, "rolls the dough" strictly by hand to create the base for tagliatelle, tortellini and other stuffed and unstuffed egg pasta.

Cappelletti are, for Romagna, a dish charged with a symbolism of well-being, wealth and opulence. In the past, wishing "cappelletti on the table and throughout the year", was in fact one of the most heartfelt and appreciated wishes.

The experience will be complemented by a GUIDED TOUR OF THE MERCATO COPERTO by the staff, to discover the history, architecture, furnishings and enogastronomic thinking of the place



Thursday at 3.30 pm

Meeting point:

Ravenna Covered Market Andrea Costa, 48121 Ravenna

Indications: the Mercato Coperto, located in the historical centre, is about 10 minutes walk from both the train station and the Tourist Information Office in Piazza San Francesco


2 hours


Italian (but can be easily follow even if you don't speak Italian)

Included in the activity:

- guided tour of the Covered Market
- course of preparation of cappelletti

- possibility to take the prepared pasta with you at the end of the course

Ravenna Covered Market Andrea Costa, 48121 Ravenna


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