Across 3 generations - Visit and tasting at Merlotta wines

Merlotta was born in 1962, thanks to the founders, Paolo Minzolini and his wife Giovanna Mimmi. After twenty years spent as day laborers, they bought the company giving life to their dream and to the birth of our brand. We dedicated them our most representative and important wines, Romagna DOC Sangiovese Superiore Riserva and Romagna DOCG Albana Secco late grapes harvest.

In the early nineties, their sons Raffaele and Nerio, with the family experience and their specialized knowledge took over the farm, added new wine cellars and purchased other estates. Adriana, Raffaele’s wife, the third pillar of the family, also joined their efforts.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Fabio and Marco joined the company, the beginning of the 3 rd generation. Merlotta, thanks to them, looks confidently towards the future with high-tech facilities and receives numerous acknowledgements from wine critics, giving life to a new dream: to become the ambassador of high-quality wines from Romagna all over the world.
Ours is a tough job but it is also wonderful and rewarding work in which all members of the family are fully committed to their role and responsibilities. Even though we are always passionate about our work and pleased with the results achieved, we never feel satisfied and we eagerly look to the future, impatient to face new challenges.



      from Monday to Saturday
      at 10.00 am or at 3.30 pm

Meeting point:

      Via Merlotta 1, 40026 - Imola (Bo)


      2 hours


      English & Italian

Via Merlotta 1, 40026 - Imola (Bo)


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