The long-established event Autumn Trilogy by Ravenna Festival will take place again in November. Three different operas will follow one after the other in a heated succession on the same stage. The theatrical machine dissects and reassembles the scene, modifying, renovating, and playing with creativity, in a mix of young talents, grounded experience and modern technology.

The leitmotiv of the summer months "Dolce color d'oriental Zaffiro" (The oriental sapphire's tender hue) that Dante discovers with amazement in the former Byzantine Capital of Ravenna encourages a reflection on the cruelty nature suffers from. Starting from here, the festival explores the threefold human nature—divine, human and evil one. The immense universe of Dante becomes the focal point of the Autumn Trilogy, which will open with an unusual étoile like Sergei Polunin, followed by the Don Juan by Mozart and the Faust di Gounod.

Project designed and organized by Cristina Mazzavillani Muti



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Dates: Friday 6, Tuesday 10, Friday 13 November Created for Ravenna Festival

Dates: Saturday 7, Wednesday 11, Saturday 14 November By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Dates: Sunday 8, Thursday 12, Sunday 15 November By Charles Gounod


Dante Alighieri Theatre - Via Mariani, 2